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As an online agency, we specialize in setting up marketplaces, whether it’s Amazon or various other platforms. 

Our mission is to empower your growth and success in the world of e-commerce. With our expertise, we’ll help you establish a strong presence on these marketplaces, navigate their intricacies, and maximize your potential. 


Connecting commerce, Creating community


Why to sell on marketplace?

In today’s digital age, considering selling on online marketplace platforms like Amazon is a strategic move for many reasons. Firstly, these platforms offer immediate access to a vast global audience, allowing you to showcase your products to a broad customer base. Amazon’s reputation and trust factor can also boost your brand’s credibility.

Additionally, online marketplaces provide a user-friendly infrastructure, sparing you the time and expense of building and maintaining a dedicated e-commerce website. They often offer fulfillment and logistics services, making it easier to manage inventory and deliver products efficiently.

Moreover, marketplace platforms provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and trends, helping you fine-tune your marketing strategies and product offerings. With a vast array of tools and resources, these platforms can support your growth and increase revenue potential.

So, if you’re contemplating expanding your sales channels and reaching a wider audience, venturing into online marketplaces like Amazon can be a compelling and rewarding option.

Linking buyers and sellers for success …

Commence your marketplace journey with E-Techium Group

Evaluation of your business

We assess your business, products, and meticulously formulate a step-by-step sales and marketing strategy tailored to your chosen marketplace.

Seller account

We will systematically guide you through the process of creating a seller account or analyzing your current one.  

Products analysis

We’ll provide insights on which products to sell and at what could be the best price offer for potential buyers.

Marketing & Sales

Following this, we’ll craft a tailored marketing strategy and conduct a UX analysis for your marketplace store and products to start selling.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I start with marketplace?

You initiate the process by reaching out to us, and we’ll take it from there. Once we receive your request, we’ll carefully assess your needs and objectives. We’ll then develop a tailored strategy and, if required, assist you in creating a seller account on the most suitable marketplace platform for your business. Our goal is to streamline your entry into marketplace and set you on the path to success, right from the very first step.

Are you able to handle competitive price analysis and provide me with the most competitive pricing options?

Yes, we have the capability to conduct thorough competitive price analysis and present you with the most competitive pricing options available in the market. Our goal is to position you as a strong competitor while maximizing your profitability and market share.

Could you manage my existing seller account?

Absolutely, we’re here to take care of your current seller account on your chosen marketplace. Our services include a comprehensive analysis to determine the best strategies for either optimizing your current product listings or creating new ones for your store. We’re dedicated to enhancing your online presence and driving your sales forward.

Could you provide a monthly service for bidding and managing online marketing PPC ads on marketplace platforms?

Absolutely, our core expertise lies in offering a monthly service for bidding and effectively managing online marketing PPC ads on popular marketplace platforms like Amazon and others. We excel in optimizing your ad budget to maximize results and drive your online advertising campaigns to success.

Become the next Amazon seller

Get in touch with us, and together, let’s embark on your marketplace journey.